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Course Type: In-Person + Online

  • How to maintain consistency in the quality of your cocktails by knowing when to shake/stir depending on the drink

  • Learn how to impress potential employers and customers with the proper knowledge on spirits, mixers, and liqueurs 

  • Technique and Presentation Training

  • Ingredients measurements and garnishing

  • Glassware and cup selection

  • Reduce the likelihood of any errors that will take away from your earnings by learning a POS system  where you can easily  enter, manage, and track multiple orders + more

  • Bar Inventory management skills that teach you how to control costs, maintain correct inventory levels at all times to make sure the bar is fully stocked to accommodate customer traffic and cocktail conditions where profit is priority while on the job. *(Track what’s behind the bar) 

  • Skills to secure your first job with the right resume

Course Materials:

  • Self-pace your training/study via our mobile app

  • Mini Headshot to get you hired

  • Interview Prep and resume

  • Class Community Support Group Chat Access

  • Course Completion Certificate

What credentials will you acquire after this course: Start your own mobile bartending business, Work at a restaurant establishment, lounge, club, and more

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