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 It's 2023 and the new wave of making money is in the nightlife! Do not miss out on your opportunity to learn a new trade right from your couch. Once you've made your purchase, the amount of information you will learn is TREMENDOUS! The course is intense! There are assignments to complete, quizzes to pass, and a ton of information to learn. There is a video that explains all of your bar tools, how to pour properly, how to make drinks, and

even cut fruit. Start your journey today


  • The starter kit contains everything you need to make perfect drinks and measure perfect pours. With a little guidance and practice, you will be mixing up your favorite cocktails in no time. Remember, if you are taking the hands on class, the starter kit will be provided on the day of class. 


  • Have you ever noticed, that Georgia and SC are states that do not require you to have a bartending license to work? Thats right, you don't have to have a license to work in these states, but you should definitely have some type of certification to show that you have learned the proper way to bartend. Bartender Bootcamp is here to assist you with all of your certification needs as well as train you in a hands on setting so that you are a step above everyone else. We are giving away all of the secrets to getting into the nightlife. You do not want to miss the gems we have for you. Sign up today to get started with your bartender journey. 
  • Class is Both "Online and Hands on" 5 days online and 2 days hands on
  • Uniform is included
  • certificate is included

Bartender Bootcamp Deposit

  • Two shakers, strainer, pour spouts, jigger, and bottle opener

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