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Enough about us, We want to know about you...

We want to provide you with all of your bartending needs to build the career of your dreams.


If you are looking to build your brand, Start your journey or even start a new hobby shop here! 

  • How long does the online course take?
    Our course is completely self-paced; you can take your time or push yourself through quickly. The course timeline breaks down as follows: 12 hours course instruction, 8 hours for drink recipe memorization and terminology, and 20 hours for mixing practice.
  • Do I need a practice kit?
    Kits are provided for both the hands on and onlne course.
  • How much does the course cost?
    The Course cost is $500 and you are able to make 2 payments. your deposit of $199 is due before hand and the remaining balance before the date your class begins.
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